The Effects of Alcohol on the Heart

Posted December 19, 2018 in Drug Addiction, By admin

Are you addicted to alcohol? Well, consuming alcohol once in a while is fine; however, if you get addicted to it, in that case, you are signing for trouble. Alcohol addiction can affect your body in different ways. It will not only damage the nerves and cells of your body but at the same time can trigger heart problems. A recent study conducted has shown that those who are addicted to alcohol are prone to deadly conditions like stroke and heart attack.

Therefore, if you don’t want to be susceptible to heart problems, it is highly recommended that don’t indulge in alcohol addiction.

How does it affect your Heart?

There are different ways in which your heart can get affected by alcohol addiction. It is a proven fact that alcohol has a direct link with high blood pressure. More the consumption of alcohol, more are you likely to suffer from high blood pressure. Over a period of time, this would start putting pressure on the muscles of your heart and can lead to different types of cardiovascular ailments. This increases the chance of two major and deadly conditions which are stroke and heart attack. If you are one of those who drink on a regular basis and drinks more than the risk guidelines, in that case, you need to stop drinking or cut down on the consumption level immediately.

Some Important Facts

Here are a couple of important facts as far as the effect of alcohol on the heart is concerned.

The effect depends on the age: It depends on how old are you. If you are relatively young, in that case, the effect would be less as your body and the immune system is strong at this point in time. However, as you grow older, and if you continue with your addiction, the effects would start showing.

The Risk factor Varies: As far as the risk factor is concerned it varies from person to person. If you have diabetes and high blood pressure and are still addicted to alcohol, in that case, you are inviting trouble. In such cases, the chances of your heart being affected are quite high and it can happen quickly. On the other hand if you don’t have any chronic ailments, in that case, the risk factor is relatively lower; however, over a period of time, it would affect you.

Irregular Heartbeat: One of the major effects of alcohol on your heart, if you are addicted to it, is the fact that you would experience irregularities in your heartbeat. This is an ominous sign and can lead to something serious and deadly.

Atrial Fibrillation: This is another condition that might develop over a period of time if you are addicted to alcohol. Atrial Fibrillation increase the chances of strokes and heart attacks

It can be concluded by saying that if you are addicted to alcohol, it’s high time that you give it up. It can affect your heart in a serious manner.

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