How much drinking is appropriate in front of children?

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We are living in an era where drinking has become a fashion statement. People drink in front of their kids without realizing that what effects it may have on them. Parenting and alcohol are two different aspects of life. Parents are responsible for sending the messages to their children, whether right or wrong.

Now the question arises, how much drinking front of the kids is appropriate?

Parents who drink alcohol or other alcoholic beverages in front of their children should understand that this might affect their children. According to various scientific studies, drinking in front of children may have adverse effects on their minds no matter in how much quantity you drink. This can make them worried, upset and disrupts their thinking.

Childhood is that phase of life in which a child explores, learn and play. The environment they stay in totally affects their growing minds. Parents should not expose their children to drink related events. Children may ask questions related to the drinks, and it may become worrisome for the parents to answer them.

The Solution

In some parts of the world drinking, every night is considered normal. An appropriate and moderate use of can is done at dinnertime or some family gatherings. If a person has a healthy relationship with their family and children, then it is quite normal to drink a few sips in front of them

First of all, parents should develop their own values and rules towards drinking. Parents should adopt friendly parenting style and make their child understand honestly that what they are doing. Open discussions with children about the use of alcohol and its consequences should be done rather than denying or hiding things from them. Make them understand that the alcohol can be taken in moderate quantities once in a while.

The most primary need of every child is that their parents always give them attention with love and warmth whenever required but the use of alcohol is disrupting that factor, then the use of alcohol should be stopped entirely. Never transmit the message to your child that you desperately need a drink after the hectic schedule or stressful day of work.

Parents should try to drink in the limit in the absence of their children. They must set the time to take a drink when the child is off to bed at night. Parents should not bring children to the bars and nightclubs.

Few drinks in a limit is not a problem at all. If the parents teach their child that it’s okay to drink alcohol responsibly and it will not harm the way the parents take care of them, then they can surely go for it.

It is up to the parents how they want to raise their kids. If the parents teach them, about alcohol as they grow up, they will slowly learn the good and bad effects during their formative years.

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