How to Say No to Alcohol

Posted September 5, 2018 in Drug Addiction, By admin

Not everyone can say no to alcohol, especially the ones who are cutting down or quitting on alcohol. Places, where drinks are served, can be avoided but only to some extent but not always. In many cases, a person is offered a drink by friends or family or someone known. In these situations, it becomes quite difficult for a person to say no to them as it may make them feel bad. A person has to either go for it or explain the reason for saying no.

Sometimes, the other person understands your wish to avoid alcohol, but not everyone does so. This is completely ok as you do not owe an explanation to everyone. But you have a convincing response; the other person may not ask further questions. Try to give a casual and polite excuse that makes the other person stop asking further questions.

Any reason is valid. The main thing is that you find an appropriate reason that everyone can believe. When it comes to saying “no,” you should be sound, stable and firm. If you hesitate, laughs or choke in between your response, then it may result in making the other person win.

Following are some of the tips to say no to alcohol :

Make an Excuse

Some people get upset when you give them a direct response. All you have to do is make an excuse that works well for you. One of the most acceptable excuses is driving. Make them understand the effects of driving after drinking so that the person does not feel the need to insist on you more. In some cases, people can insist on having a drink under the limit, but it’s up to you how you make them understand your thinking.

The other most acceptable excuse of is to say “I am on medication”. Tell the person that you are consuming medicine due to some health problem and the doctor has advised you to stay away from alcohol for a while. Make them understand that the mixing of medication and alcohol is dangerous

Directly say “NO.”

You can give clear, clean and to the point response by just saying “NO” to the person offering a drink. Always be confident. The excuses mentioned above can be told in a straightforward way rather than making a long story associated with. Simply say” I don’t drink or I am on recovery. This tip works for people who quickly get convinced when others pressurize them as the long conversations while resisting may result in having a drink.

Healthy Living

Tell your friends that you are quitting alcohol to adopt a healthy way of living. Make them understand the extent of your thinking and what other problems you go through after having a drink. You can tell your friends that you are meditating, going to the gym and eating healthy as a part of a lifestyle change.

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