The Dangers of drinking and driving

Posted August 20, 2018 in addiction, By admin

Drinking and driving is the most dangerous activity that may lead to crashes and we all know that alcohol is one of the major factors in the traffic fatalities that happen worldwide. Although the government of all countries sends out regular warnings, awareness programs, and educational listings, people still get intoxicated and sit behind the wheel, especially the youngsters.

People around the world need to realize about the danger of mixing up drinking and driving as not only is their life in danger, but of all the passengers traveling in the vehicle. If the driver has a BAC or the Blood Alcohol Concentration of 0.10 or more, then it is more likely for him to crash the vehicle. The more you drink, the more likely you are to have an accident, which might be the fatal one.

Drinking affects decision-making skills

Drinking alcohol affects the judgment of a person and the individual does not have the required perception of required motor skills to drive. While the driver thinks he is driving safely, he is not, so drinking and driving may lead to a lethal accident which could cost the lives of others too. Every day we hear about numerous deaths caused due to drunken driving crashes and the number of individuals arrested for drinking and driving is also growing. Alcohol, after a certain level, affects the ability of a person’s thinking, reasoning and decision making, which are essential parts of safe driving.

Play smartly

Most of drink and drive cases are noticed during weekends and holidays, so playing smartly during weekends can save many precious lives. Appointing a driver or hiring a cab, are the best bets for the weekends and it is superlative to avoid driving if you have been drinking. You must understand that when you put in those car keys into the ignition and drive away after drinking, you are putting not only your life at jeopardy but also of your friends and family, so share a cab, hire one or drink at home. Remember, your life is far more important than drinking and driving, so protect yourself as well as others and lower the risk in your life.


Driving under the influence or DUI and driving while intoxicated or DWI means driving a vehicle with a high level of blood alcohol level or BAC and if you get arrested under this act, it is an offense for which you will be punished. However, this punishment is far less than the fatal punishment which an accident can give. DWI punishments are more severe as compared to DUI as you will be charged for drinking and driving. DUI and DWI differ in the intoxication level and with a higher value of intoxication; you will be charged guilty after complete analysis.

Make the right choice

The solution to the major problem of drinking and driving lies in the hands of the people, besides the government. It is crucial for the citizens to be careful and not to violate the laws as the conscious choice is yours of not to drink and drive.

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